3-month package

3-month package

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3-month package. It is based on the Gerson Book "Healing the Gerson Way" Page 196 Table 17-1 "Hourly Schedule For Typical Cancer Patient"

A partial shipment is made with the supplements in stock, when the supplements in back order are available they will be sent without additional shipping cost

Package for 3months contains:

6 Bottles of Acidol Pepsin 100caps
18 Bottles of Potassium Compound Salt 100gr (Back Order)
1 Bottle of Lugol's 2 oz Solution 1/2 Strength
1 Bottle of Niacin 50mg 1000tabs
1 Bottle of Desiccated Liver 500cap 500mg
1 Bottle of Pancreatin 325 mg 1000tab(Back Order)



Table17-1 recommends Thyroid , unfortunately we do not carry this supplement
Table 17-1 recommends B-12 and Crude liver injection (You can buy separately)
Table 17-1 recommends Flax Oil, unfortunately we do not carry this supplement.
Table 17-1 recommends Coffee (enemas) you can buy separately

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